The Squeeze

Better government means less pressure on you

Today it seems like we are all getting squeezed from all sides. We are squeezed at work. Squeezed for time. Squeezed at the store when we buy food, clothing, gas for the car or anything else we need.

Of course, on top of all this we pay taxes, so everything gets squeezed even more. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you are all out of juice!

Government should function for you. Taxpayers deserve a safe neighborhood with good schools, lots of economic opportunities and a government that is working to make all of these things possible – not adding to the squeeze!

Throughout my first term, I have worked to demonstrate how a government can do more, with less from the citizens it represents.
We need a government that can be innovative and support opportunity – while it takes care of the basic things we expect and deserve our government to do well.

If you are like me, you have a lot on your plate; lots of places to go, lots of work to do. We all have to figure out how to do everything a little better each day. So should our government.

That’s something I believe in, and something that I work toward every day as your County Commissioner  – reducing the number of things squeezing you by doing things better. Every day.

Blake Huffman
Ramsey County Commissioner


"If you have an idea about how government could do more with less, I'd like to hear it."